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Pellestrina: Wanderful Island Close To Venice

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Pellestrina is one of the most beautiful islands in the laguna Veneta, very closed to Venice.It's fifteen minutes boat from Chioggia as well as from the Isle of Lido, famous for its Festival of Cinema which takes place in September. Life in Pellestrina means: wonderful baths in the clean open sea, good traditional food, life in touch with the fishermen of the island, great visits to Venice and its surroundings.My house is composed by a living room, a bed room, a kitchen, a bathroom.In the living room there is a double bed, that's why the house can be lived by 4 people. The outdoor of my house is wonderful: there's a small garden and the amazing laguna.You can use our bicycles to visit the Isle of Pellestrina, the Isle of Lido (which is closed to Pellestrina), or to go to Chioggia.Cars are not necessary in Pellestrina, bicycles are enougth.Kids are welcome.Pets are accepted.

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Interessante Ziele

Venice and all its surroundings.
Lido, for the festival of cinema.

Wie komme ich dorthin?

You can reach Pellestrina by boat.
You can live your car in Chioggia or Venice, where you can get the boat.
From Chioggia it takes 15 minutes, as the boat goes straight to Pellestrina.
From Venice il take 1 hour, as you have to get the boat to Isle of Lido and then you have to cross all the Isle by bus (which goes over the ferry boat) to reach Pellestrina.

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